Sunday, July 31, 2016


Overall, a "smooth" trip to Nairobi. Luggage is always an adventure.

Becci is going with the matching set - natch!

Maggie is stretching out her back - on the new PDX carpet - because of back strain. NOT what you want just before two long plane flights...

Somewhere over Greenland...

Between us, we had about 60 pieces of checked luggage and a whole bunch of carry-ons. As we waited and waited and waited for our final bags and cases to arrive in Nairobi, we noted that there seemed to be a lot of others waiting as well. Turns out that over 30 pieces all told were missing - my theory is that they missed loading a container of luggage, though how you manage to do that with all the computerized systems these days, I can't figure out. Anyway, we were pretty fortunate that only 3 of ours were missing - one group had 11 missing - ack! Supposedly all will arrive today - hopefully, hopefully!

Loading bags into cabs. New international arrivals terminal in the background.

 Just a little of the sorting of supplies that starts every trip.

After sorting, 4 of us took a matatu (little van) to the town where the elementary school is that we work with. After the 6 hour drive it took to get here, we're getting organized for teacher training that will start tomorrow. The rest of the team packed medical supplies; about half of them will arrive here tomorrow, and the medical team will go to the village where they will be doing clinics for most of the time.

Just a couple of "for fun" photos....

Of course the Johnnie Walker symbol is in 3D Delft in Amersterdam!

 And of course I made the acquaintance of the hotel cat and her new kittens. They were not overjoyed see me.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Heading to Kenya

Once again, I'm grateful to be going to Kenya to work with the amazing people there who are serving students and their community in so many different ways.

Twenty-six of us will be leaving on Friday, July 29th to be there for about 2 weeks. New adventures, plus a bunch of excited kids, await!