Sunday, July 31, 2016


Overall, a "smooth" trip to Nairobi. Luggage is always an adventure.

Becci is going with the matching set - natch!

Maggie is stretching out her back - on the new PDX carpet - because of back strain. NOT what you want just before two long plane flights...

Somewhere over Greenland...

Between us, we had about 60 pieces of checked luggage and a whole bunch of carry-ons. As we waited and waited and waited for our final bags and cases to arrive in Nairobi, we noted that there seemed to be a lot of others waiting as well. Turns out that over 30 pieces all told were missing - my theory is that they missed loading a container of luggage, though how you manage to do that with all the computerized systems these days, I can't figure out. Anyway, we were pretty fortunate that only 3 of ours were missing - one group had 11 missing - ack! Supposedly all will arrive today - hopefully, hopefully!

Loading bags into cabs. New international arrivals terminal in the background.

 Just a little of the sorting of supplies that starts every trip.

After sorting, 4 of us took a matatu (little van) to the town where the elementary school is that we work with. After the 6 hour drive it took to get here, we're getting organized for teacher training that will start tomorrow. The rest of the team packed medical supplies; about half of them will arrive here tomorrow, and the medical team will go to the village where they will be doing clinics for most of the time.

Just a couple of "for fun" photos....

Of course the Johnnie Walker symbol is in 3D Delft in Amersterdam!

 And of course I made the acquaintance of the hotel cat and her new kittens. They were not overjoyed see me.

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  1. So glad you made it to your destination. I hope your missing luggage has caught up with you. Jodi S.