Wednesday, July 29, 2015

London Day

Internet was a bit dicey last night and again today. Here's a quick start to Tuesday's outings...

Though the website said all tour spaces for the Royal Opera House were booked through next week, I was able to walk up and get a ticket. No photos allowed inside, unfortunately, but it was spectacular. The backstage area was gigantic - the phrase "football field" comes to mind, because they are moving HUGE set pieces in and out every day. Morning rehearsals on full sets; then evening performances for a completely different show. They open a new production every 10 days - ballet and opera. 'The mind boggles," to quote our completely charming guide. This is just a small piece of the outside. They were granted a bunch of land in the old fruit and flower market of Covent Garden.

Some flowers still for sale...

One of many small church gems in the heart of the city.

Cool. A little one-seater car.

The start of my river boat tour down the Thames.

A walking bridge. Two days after they opened it, they had to close it because people were getting motion sickness when they walked on it. It took two years to fix. 

The Brits love to nickname the new buildings. We have, from left to right, the Cheese Grater, just the top of The Gherkin, and The Walkie Talkie.

All for now. Hoping for better connection later...

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