Thursday, July 30, 2015

London Walking Tour #2 - Hampstead

Since both my first cab driver and my AirBnB host recommended Hampstead, I figured I'd better check it out!

(As a sidebar, I have to note that as a first-time user of AirBnB, I'm now a huge fan. Stewart and Sinead and daughter Ishbel (plus Stewart's parents for one night) were easy to be with and fun to talk to. Very helpful with suggestions, and my room was clean, comfortable and lovely.

My second walk on Wednesday was led by Peter - highly informative and entertaining. First stop, the graveyard where famous people like Alice (inspiration for Alice in Wonderland) and Constable (painter) and others are buried. The church graveyard is just like a Hollywood movie set with leaning tombstones and ivy crawling over everything...

The Admiral's house, which of course looks like a ship.

Our guide Peter.

Hampstead Heath - HUGE area of land that King Henry VIII took from the Catholic Church. Eventually there were big land disputes over it that dragged through the courts for decades, with the happy result that no one built on it, and it was eventually deeded to the city of London.

And yes that is a cannon being used as a road barrier - quite near to where a house just sold for 37 million pounds.

Peter said that the nostalgic telephone booths are now historically registered and saved.

Not sure the reason behind this...

Back in London, though this seems to be a scene enacted everywhere - Brits stopping by the local pub for a pint and chat with their mates. Lots of smoking going on too. I feel like I'm seeing lots more of it here than at home but maybe it's because they have to smoke outside now. I'm guessing they don't have regulations like the U.S about needing to be 50 feet from a doorway, because every doorway is so close to every other doorway, you might have to walk miles to find the acceptable spot.

I took that photo on my way to another play - this one a thriller; The Woman in Black. A couple of scary bits, to be sure, and another play which allows actors to inhabit several parts. A good evening of theatre.

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