Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Jamii Day

This is our last full morning at the Jamii School.  We'll come back on Monday morning to see the program the kids will put on for their parents.  For a few weeks before we came, the kids have been memorizing the Armor of God passage (Ephesians 6).  Since we've arrived, we've had crafts for the different pieces of the Armor of God and teaching a song about it, which is now running through and through our heads.

The kids are decorating their "shields of faith" i.e., paper plates.

The school was started by Basilus and Esther.  The part of the building you see right behind the tree is their house, and they keep building the classrooms on year by year.  In the previous post you can see that the classrooms now ring half the property.

They keep everything super neat and clean, given that all the classrooms and the compound have dirt (or mud) floors.

The desks are 2x6s - not much room to write or draw on, but the kids manage.  Plus the seats are just boards as well.
Thought I'd put this photo in for my Graceworks friends.  Our key phrase is "big and bold" - these kids know all about that!

And for the Wild Canyon Games crowd - it was Wild Canyon Games T-shirt day for Tim and I.  He was on the Skanska team this past June.

More later - I want to be sure this all posts to the blog!

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