Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day at Bomas

The whole team arrived last night and I met them at the guesthouse. This morning we went to Bomas  which is a cultural center where they've recreated several tribal villages.  Each of us was teamed up with a couple of students who we toured the center with, and also ate lunch with.

The tall guy standing on the left in the two photos above is Frederick, the student I got to tour with (the other student of my pair didn't come today).

At all the villages there were separate huts for the husband, the first wife, the second wife, the grandmother, the son's family, etc.  Which hut do you think I should have?

Most of the team won't get to see these students again, but I'll work with many of them on our last Thursday and Friday when I do a couple of days of drama training. 


  1. Nice pictures, Judy. Good to see Mags and the rest of the team got there safely too. Keeping all of you in prayer...

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