Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drama Class @ New Dawn - Day One

Today I was the teacher and Maggie and Ann assisted me - turnabout is fair play!

We were at New Dawn which is a faith-based high school in the midst of the Huruma slum.

I didn't get any photos of the school itself today but took this one from the 3rd floor.  The lovely green trees are part of the school property. The rusted corrugated roofs of many homes are just beyond.

They have enough property to house two cows plus a big garden and greenhouse.  Kale is growing in rows, and they just finished up all the tomatoes that were in the greenhouse.  They give the students lunch each day, and I believe they have enough extra to sell as well.

I'm teaching a drama class for 2 days.  The students are on break but about 30 of them came for the class.  We started out with some stretches and energizing exercises.  Ann is in the bright pink.

Here's me getting quiet in the room by raising my hand - a signal for everyone else to raise their hands and stop talking - which worked pretty well :-)  Hmmm, I guess I'm in bright pink too!

A couple of students starting a scene.

I met some Kenyans at the Christian Artists Fellowship meeting about a week and a half ago who agreed to come and help out.  Lucy, with the blue scarf, is sharing with the students about her day job and her work in theatre.

Peter, the director of a theatre company, is also sharing about his job and theatre, which happen to be one and the same thing for him.

Kevin, in the blue hat, works in the same theatre company as Peter.

"Good-bye" to Kevin and Peter for now.  Lucy will come back again tomorrow.  And if the timing works out, I might be able to go see the play that Peter and Kevin's company is opening this weekend.  

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