Monday, August 12, 2013

Leaving Jamii and Eldoret

Yesterday was bittersweet.  We went to the Jamii school for the last time, where the children and teachers put on a program for us and for the parents of the students.  I mostly have video of that celebration and will try later to post some of it.

When we arrived, all the desks had been moved outside of the classrooms into the compound, and the students (some of them scouts - with their backs to us) were ready for the flag raising ceremony.

Each class group then came up and gave a presentation.  You can see that they are wearing (at least some) of the pieces of the "Armor of God" that they created throughout the days we were with them.  The second student from the left is also wearing one fabric bags that Linda and her team of women in the U.S. sewed for each one of the kids.

Some of the appreciative audience :-)

Staff member Mr. Kariuki (nicknamed "Karaoke") who is a dynamo!

Esther - one half of the married couple who runs the school.  Both she and Basilus are excellent singers.

All of the visitors (us) and the staff received handmade cards of thanks.  Mr. Eliud has just presented cards to Basilus and Esther.

Our send-off party as we drive off in the bus.  A few tears were shed....

Good-bye to our shower, which was probably not OSHA approved...

Me doing "Russian Dyno Walk" exercises at the equator :-)

Linda buying fabric for the sewing project in Kangundo.

Now we're back in Nairobi.  Pill packing and shopping on the agenda for today :-)

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