Monday, August 11, 2014

Day at Manyatta, near Kangundo

This was the beginning of the second major part of our trip. We all journeyed up to Manyatta (near Kangundo, if you're trying to find it on a map), the small village where Miriam's mother Monica and stepfather Isaac live. Sorry I don't have any pictures of them for you but they are wonderfully warm people who have quite literally opened their home to us. They added on 3 rooms to their house so that the medical staff can stay there overnight and not have the long commute to Nairobi and back each day.

We're at the site of the future clinic that Kizimani will be helping to build in this area. The pastor is dedicating the site while we and the "mamas" of the village behind him are in attendance. The AIDS epidemic hit this village hard, so there are many grandmas looking after their grandkids. We bring them clothing, sheets and food each year. And we're grateful that some long-term medical help will be on the way soon. The ground-breaking is scheduled to start in October.

This is Elizabeth, one of the "mamas" we brought supplies to.

We have also connected with a group of special needs kids in this village. Though they used to be able to go to public school, they can't any longer so a small group of parents put on a "Saturday School" once a week. This week they gathered on Monday so we could play some games with them.

Nike donated a bunch of shoes for the kids. LOVE the colors!!

And then there's always some kids who love to pose for the camera and then see themselves in the picture!

Our team is a bit split right now. The medical team will be working at the clinic for a few days while another segment of us will be working at New Dawn High School, in the Huruma slum. "Healing Arts" is our theme.

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