Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jamii School - Day 3 - a no-rain day?

As of 9pm tonight, we've not had our daily rainstorm though it's quite cool/cold and cloudy. We'll see...!

Sanna and Lance are practicing a song in the morning sun. I love the long shadows we're casting. Hmm... hopefully a metaphor for the work we're doing here.

Raising a cup with the students in my class as we prepare for snack time. One of the "perks" for students coming to the school is that they get a morning tea break and lunch - which for many of them is all they eat for the day. The brightly colored hats were sewn by women in Linda's church. (Linda came with the Kizimani Team last year.)

The teachers received some special hats and scarves from Linda and her crew.

When we go to the field (which is where the new school building will be located), "our" kids are the ones in the school uniforms - you've seen the burgundy outfits :-) But because our clinic is set up in the same area, other kids are around too. This young girl just wrings my heart.

The brand new and SO much nicer "chos" (restrooms) are just behind this little girl - the first step in building the new school compound...

 Sanna loves the kids and they love her. The big white tent behind her is the clinic for the week.

Me and my entourage for the day. We all have kids grabbing our hands whenever they can.

Teacher Jaqui is in the center with Teacher Carnevale on the left and Ann Gerson on the right. I help out in Jaqui's classroom.

The pharmacy.

One of my favorite people here is Basilus who, along with his wife Esther, are the directors of the Jamii School. Yes, we're posing in front of one of the new restrooms!

Several people on the team have colds so that's no fun for them. Prayers appreciated for speedy recovery for them all :-) So far I'm staying healthy.

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  1. What great pictures. This looks like an amazing project. Thanks for sharing.