Thursday, August 14, 2014

more of final New Dawn day...

I'm in the dining hall which has much better internet connection. A few more photos before we head out today.

Sanna with the music students...

 The big building in the foreground is part of the school. The rest are homes in the slum.

 Looking down on the courtyard from the 3rd story.

Getting a certificate at the end of a training is a big deal here. Here's Teacher Maggie with her visual arts students proudly holding their certificates.

Hans is teaching Bible to the teachers all week. They were our audience for the final presentation and all wanted a chance to say something encouraging to the students at the end.

Helen was one of my "Hagars" - We enacted the story of Hagar and I double-cast the play so that Sarah, Abraham and Hagar all changed parts halfway through the play.

In the school courtyard - leaving school for the day. 

The medical team stayed in Kangundo on Monday - Thursday. Lots of people waiting to be seen...

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