Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jamii School - Day Two

Today's lesson was about the healing of the blind man, so the craft project was to wear a "blindfold" and try to draw a picture of a face.

Once they had done that, we cut holes in the blindfold so they could see and try drawing a face again. Teacher Jackie is sporting one too :-)

At playtime, Lance was the Pied Piper - playing and singing his tunes while the children gathered  round...

A "selfie" with a friend.

Bought new boots today. As you can see from my neighbor's boots, mine will probably not look so clean and bright in another day or so.

Ken Turney is now "Bapu Ken" (basically "Grandpa Ken") and the kids adore him. Of course, he adores them right back.

 Sandy, Ken's wife, is working in the pharmacy.

In the afternoon, I'm an assistant to Maggie and Ann as they present teacher training for all the Jamii teachers. It's very interactive and we're all learning a lot!

 And of course I've located some cats. This mama is not wanting me to come any closer to her baby.

That photo was taken on the grounds of the nice hotel where we're staying. It's like living in a tropical rainforest, rain and all.

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  1. Thanks for the wildlife citing.😊 Love all the pics!!!