Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jamii School - Day One

As it was last year, it's beyond words to describe what it's like to be joyously welcomed by the students - now totaling almost 500.

As we arrive, they're chanting:
     Welcome Teacher!
     You are most welcome!
     Welcome to our school!

They also chant this when we come into a classroom to help. Talk about making us feel welcome!

One young girl with Down's Syndrome finally screwed up the courage to accept Michelle's invitation for a hug.

Three kids sporting the "crowns" they made as a craft today with us.

Our trip leader, Miriam, is talking with one of the workers about upcoming construction. Behind them are the start of building on the property owned by the school. The current site is being leased, so being able to build a new school from the ground up will be a huge blessing to the students and teachers.

More kids :-)

Wish I could upload a video so you could get the full effect of the way the rain pours down here. So far the pattern seems to be sunny mornings and early afternoons; then deluge!!

Group photo :-) Miriam said this morning would be the only time our team will be all together in one place.

In case you're interested, I know a couple other people are blogging about the trip as well.

Maggie Englund - www.magenglund.blogspot.com

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