Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Second Day at New Dawn

Here are some promised pictures from New Dawn School.  They try to raise or grow as much of the food as possible on their tiny lot. Say "hello!" to one of the new members of the herd.

 They are growing kale and tomatoes.

Here's a typical broom. Pretty easy to put together I would imagine, but hard work to use it as you have to bend over to sweep.

Here's a good view of about 1/2 the school. I think yesterday I said it was made of storage containers when I meant to say "shipping containers."  They are stacked 3 tall. They have a library, computer room, science lab, offices and classrooms. Students stand at a long table outside to eat.

 Sanna is instructing a couple of girls in some basic guitar chords.

Kids from the slum that's just outside the doors of the high school.

 Maggie talking with one of the students - about his church's drama team!!

I'm going to try to upload a video of the students spontaneously dancing together before class. 

I worked with the drama students all day. Tomorrow we do a presentation for their teachers, and those in the poetry, music and visual art sections will demonstrate their creations as well. The drama is a long way from polished, but has some good moments :-)

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