Friday, August 5, 2016

Back to Nairobi

This was a travel day - about six hours in the van/matatu. The ones that we rent are more upscale than the usual ones for local transport, but they're still pretty "cozy" and we're always happy to disembark.

I just tried to upload a video to the blog with no success. Maybe later?

Here's a few photos from the road trip today...

There are hundreds of fruit vegetable stands all along the road. Tomatoes and potatoes are featured here but there are also cabbages, onions, watermelons, pineapples, corn and more.

 We pass hundreds of small businesses - almost always one-story high, painted in bright colors.

I love seeing the roadside nurseries. They can extend for 20 yards or more.

The guesthouse where we are staying in Nairobi, a relatively humble place with about 15 rooms, a dining room and two conference rooms, is expanding in a big way. Because it is also the offices for the denomination headquarters and houses a profitable theological bookstore, they are able to construct a new seven-story building.

This is a neighboring new building further along in the process. Miriam tells us that they can only build as high as seven stories in this area, so most new construction goes for the max.

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