Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last Official Ministry Day

This was our second (and last) day at the high school (and the last day for the medical team in the village). Both halves of our team were glad to meet up again late this afternoon at the Nairobi guesthouse, and tomorrow we head off for our safari day!

Kay did a super job of leading devotions.

Becci and a new friend. Unfortunately, the baby is the daughter of one of the high school students.

A view into part of the slum from the third floor of the school.

Many  vegetables are grown on the school property to feed the kids. The leaves on stalks are a variety of kale that's very common here. We had a conversation amongst ourselves yesterday about the fact that their school lunches beat out a lot of U.S. school lunches by a mile.

Maggie always designs a great art project for the students. Each student drew an outline of their hands; one represented the past and one the future.

Baby Harrison was a big hit!

Some more of his fans. He's enjoying the key ring they gave him to play with.

Here's a few photos from some of our folks working at the clinic...

A great photo, showing the dust on the road to the village, as well as a local transportation vehicle.

Ann and Ingrid did several great sewing projects with some of the "mamas" we support. We'll be selling their creations in the States and giving the money to them.

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