Tuesday, August 9, 2016

High School in Nairobi slum

This was Day One of only two days, instead of three, of the healing arts camp this year. I didn't take many pictures of the kids because I was leading the poetry workshop, and I didn't want to make them feel more uncomfortable than they already were about writing poetry. When I asked them to introduce themselves and tell me what they thought about poetry, several were honest enough to say they hated it but they all tried the simple poetic structures I suggested and some poems were quite good. Tomorrow we'll have a presentation time when the students will be able to share some of what they've worked on.

A peek into the slum where most of these kids live.

I liked the contrast of the antenna on the bamboo pole with the huge light pole in the background. We found out today that the power company recently agreed to get power to the slum and the residents only have to pay about $7.50 per month for it.

Mother and daughter, Tina and Hannah, enjoy a laugh.

My mother, the librarian, would probably be appalled that kids can't take books out of the library. But at least they have a library.

The field across from the school with trash fire behind it. By the end of the day, the flames were quite high but I suppose it was under control.

Some of the local kids playing in the parking area of the school.

Tina's in her element.

 Judah loves playing with any kids he encounters.

I'm spending the night with my friend Julisa, and we've been chatting almost nonstop - it's good to catch up!

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