Wednesday, August 3, 2016

School Days

The internet was out the night before last through the following morning, so no blogging for us! I told Maggie I thought it was God's way of saying, "Get some sleep, you silly people," since she and I are always up late, posting.

We've had two days at the elementary school. (We're being purposefully vague about exact locations these days, just 'cause the world is what it is.) As usual, we love being here, re-connecting with the founders of the school, the teachers and of course the kids.

Most of the team - except me and the photographer, Lisa. 

After the children greet us, Maggie greets the children as our Kizimani representative.

Working on one of today's crafts - we do a Vacation Bible School every year with stories, songs, crafts & games.

"Baby Moses in the basket" - 6th grade artists doing a great job!

One of the many circle games the kids play. One was a Kenyan "Duck, duck, goose" and of course I was picked to run. Guess who won - not me!

Every day, we're served chai (tea with milk) and a treat, plus lunch.

I found a friendlier kitty there.

I'm working with a "Standard 6th" class this year - 6th grade - and though it would be fun to be with the preschoolers as I have in the past, it's nice to be able to talk with these kids. Many learn three languages as they grow up - their tribal language, Swahili and English - so English is not their first language.

Just a shot of "Recess!" Over 600 kids on one play area. Some of the older groups are also allowed outside the school grounds on a field next door. I'll try to get a shot of what that looks like.

 Me and some pals.

I need to get to breakfast and on the bus. More later :-)

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