Monday, August 8, 2016

Good Times and Hard Times

This will be quite short. We've only had internet for awhile this evening and it's been very dicey.

Essentially the work is going well and the team is strong. Some colds and sniffles; dust is thick on the road to the village so coughs could be colds or dust.

Maggie will be writing a blogpost concerning "Stories of the S. hotel" - our very frustrating hotel where the poor medical team has to spend many nights. We won't be staying there again. Let's just say that getting an electrical shock in your shower and dining in almost complete darkness are just a few of the hazards.

Kay bringing gear to the Special Olympics.

One of the hard things was that there was a miscommunication about our Special Olympics day so only a handful of kids finally showed up. But we had a good time with the ones who did, and left the equipment we brought with the coaches.

Ann and Ingrid are introducing several sewing projects to the "mamas" of the village.

Signing off to see if I can get this posted. Hopefully more tomorrow...

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