Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day with the high school seniors

It's getting late and we have an early morning so I'll probably just load a bunch of photos without a lot of explanation. And we won't have internet tomorrow night, so I'll have lots more to post when we're back in Nairobi Monday night. Add to that the fact that half the country had power problems today, either blackouts or brownouts. Fun, fun!

Each year we do an excursion and lunch with the seniors from the high school we partner with. We had a great time together today, going to the Nairobi National Museum, and then having lunch together in the parking lot at our guest house (that doesn't sound great, does it? but check out the photos).

Road work - some of the guys are breaking rocks by hand to make gravel.

A glimpse of downtown Nairobi.

One of the little kids in the slum, just outside the gates of the high school. I hope they will be able to go to that school someday...

Manure (and the buckets used to haul it) courtesy of...

...three cows, one of whom is named for Miriam, our leader :-)

Leaving the slum.

Our van for the day. WiFi on board? Hmm, somehow I doubt it.

Since I'm a Cougar by marriage, I thought I'd better take this photo opportunity with Rueben. We're Cougin' it!

Model of the HIV virus - nasty looking!

Our "parking lot" dining room.

Seconds were popular.

The two students I brought gifts for (we all did for all the students) were both named James.

And here they are again, along with their friend John. Lots of "Js."

Nighty night............

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