Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back in the States

A few photos from my final day in Kenya.

Maggie's and my charging station for all things electronic :-)

Maggie working on the visual art project with students.

Kevin and Nate.

 Reading of the final third of the Joseph story.

Sammy, who's an alum and helped me in the drama group.

Alum KC with Maggie and Ann.

Final performance. Eric is recording it on his iPad - sort of a surprise that he has it since money is super tight. On the other hand, old ones are pretty cheap here.

The teachers are enjoying the students' performances.

Irene, the director of the school.

Maggie with the finished art work.

I was driven directly from the school to the airport to avoid the bad Nairobi traffic. Plenty of time which gave me a chance to have a meal at the Java House, or as Janet calls it - Starbucks on steroids. Lots of coffee and American foods.

Flying over Greenland...

Working on a plane in Amsterdam...

I'm not yet back in Portland. For the past few days I've been in Colorado with my long-time friend, Judy Fleming for a little R&R. Every morning we've done a 3 mile walk in her neighborhood.

And of course had some pool time...

Yesterday we took a drive back to the old neighborhood where we grew up. More and more "scrapers" - houses that are bought and razed so that a new gigantic house can be built. We walked a bit in Washington Park, and I visited the bench where we have a memorial plaque for my mom.

Now I'm off to Estes Park for a family reunion of the Petrie clan :-)

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  1. thank you, thank you for posting and sharing pictures. it is wonderful to follow along and i am ever grateful for the work your team offers for support - in all areas. well done!