Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jamii School - 2nd day continued

 When you take your camera out during playtime on the field, you need to be ready to be mobbed by kids wanting their pictures taken so they can see what it looks like. Hilarity and much chatter follows.

We're teaching them the hokey pokey! All the kids (over 600!) are out on the playing fields at the same time. Some of the teachers organize games or exercises and some of the kids do too. We've recognized several games as similar to ones we know. The kids  love learning new ones, or teaching us their games.

 Attempting to upload a video. Not sure if it works. You'll recognize this game.

Maggie started chatting with one little girl, who then began asking questions about the brightly colored shapes in the bag. Maggie showed her a few of them, asked her  some simple geometry questions and soon...

...she was surrounded.  FYI - Maggie's blog is at http://magenglund.blogspot.com

Ann and her "entourage."

Every day we have a tea break in the morning, and then lunch at the house of Basilus and Esther. Here he's chatting with Maggie and Ann.

The clinic.

I believe this is the ground corn they use for ugali.

Bo and Joseph getting water for the painting project.

I need to get a better picture of Beatrice (on the left). She's a student parent who takes a week off work to make food for the team at Basilus and Esther's house. Every day we are greeted by her and given a chance to wash our hands.

A road just outside the school grounds. This cow is heading for some tasty greens amidst the refuse.

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