Monday, August 3, 2015

Jamii School - 1st day

This post will likely be heavy on photos and light in text because for some reason I can get online on my phone but not my computer- ack!

Our first view of the newly-built school.

Ron was the lead architect for this project and was SO happy to see the kids using it.

These are pictures of "my" class.

At tea, which is always served to us at the home of the school directors, Basilus and Esther, one of us accidentally left the gate open, so a cow wandered in, seeing some nice fresh grass. it was easily shooed away.

Part of the money we raise to come here goes for "tea" i.e. snacks for the children.

Play time!

One of the crafts we did today was to make pip cleaner bracelets.

Bo found the ladder to use for painting - he and Ron will be doing lots of that in the next few days.

One of the teachers brought her baby to class - which we loved!

Time for bed!!

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  1. Lots of cute kids! great travel pics. Thanks for the bday wish and gift.. See ya soon!