Sunday, August 9, 2015

Busy Days

Here's a few short clips of part of the Jamii School dedication on vimeo - - hoping  to post more eventually but we've been busy, busy.

The drive back from Eldoret on Friday took 7 hours instead of the expected/hoped-for 4.5 hours. Instead of lunch, we shared snacks and had some small sandwiches at the guest house. Then we had to sort and pack more pills, and sort and pack clothing bags for different sets of people and supplies for other events. Dinner and bed.

Saturday we got up early to drive up to Kangundo for the dedication of the clinic. It turned out to be a HUGE deal because one of Janet's friends showed up. He is now the governor of the county, and is well-known throughout the country for the very good work he's doing. He's actually using money and resources for the people instead of lining his own pockets and that of his pals. 

So there was an advance team setting up tents and chairs and a red carpet and podium. There were two ambulances and lots of police. More details later but suffice it to say it was not the small, home-grown event we were planning. But hopefully long-range help from him and his staff will be a good thing.

Dr. Alfred Matua, governor of the county, is on the far led in the striped shirt.

Ron, the architect of the building, talking with the governor. Note the large entourage! Girl on the far right is holding a platter with the scissors to cut the ribbon.

Governor and entourage entering the clinic. Dr. Bob and crew and some Kenyan health workers were there as "props" Bob said.

Entourage is under the tent. Note the red carpet, which he really didn't use. To the right of the pole are Janet and Miriam.

Wish I could write and post more but I'm tired and need to prep for tomorrow - our first day at the New Dawn High School.

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