Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Final Kenya Days

About 24 hours from now I'll be at the Nairobi airport, getting ready to leave. Hard to believe. I'll be heading to Colorado for a few days R&R with a long-time friend, then to Estes Park for a Petrie Family Reunion - an every 5 year affair of my dad's cousins' side of the family - and finally I'll fly to LA to present a workshop at a national conference of marketers for the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering & Construction).

This was our second day at New Dawn high school, where we spent a good part of the day working with our various groups.

A view of the Huruma slum from the top floor of New Dawn.

The street on which New Dawn is located.

The side of a house.

The Vanderveen boys joined our Healing Arts Team today, and I think the girls were happy to see them.

Our daily agenda is that we start with all of us together in one room (there are 40 students), sing a song together (Becci is teaching them "Joyful, Joyful"), we do a theatrical reading of a segment of the Joseph story (our theme story of the year), Kay leads a devotion and we have two alums of New Dawn give testimonies.

Our two alums...

While we're creating art with the students, Hans is teaching the teachers about the Joseph story. I'm sure they're getting a lot more in-depth than we are :-) Here he's talking with Pastor Sammy.

KC, on the left, is an alum that Maggie has bonded with over the years. We were so glad to see her and to hear of the volunteer social work she's doing with orphanages. We're hoping that will lead to full-time work for her...

Tomorrow the students will put on a production for their teachers, and we'll hand out certificates to all of them. Another bittersweet day. I'll be leaving directly from the school for the airport.

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