Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nairobi to Eldoret - not the usual trip...

On Saturday night, we all landed safe and sound, with all our luggage.

Sunday morning was our usual "organization day" - with sorting ministry supplies and packing pills.

We had lunch at the Java House (good coffee and good food) and then headed to the airport, where things got interesting.

We had been told by an airline representative (Jambo Jet!) that we could each bring a bag weighing 25 kilos apiece but when we got to the airport they told us, no - each bag could only be 15 kilos. Miriam did her best to get an exemption or some leeway, but it just wasn't possible. We had packed a BUNCH of meds and supplies and weighed all the big bags in at 25 kilos. Our only option was to re-package everything and so we did. It was amazing teamwork and I wish I'd taken a video of everyone grabbing suitcases, re-weighing and shifting things into boxes and carry-on bags. We were like a well-oiled machine, and had a couple of airport employees worked like fiends too - making, taping and sedan-wrapping boxes.

Another thing that's amazing is that to do all that re-packing meant that we only paid $150 in "extra luggage" fees, which is what it can cost to add just one bag on an overseas flight!

Our team sprang into action once again when we got to Eldoret and was ready for our massive amounts of luggage.

Piles of boxes!

... and luggage. In fact we were so efficient, we grabbed someone else's bag by mistake, which we're still puzzling a bit over since we were the last people in the luggage hall.

So after our dinner, we had to re-organize all our Eldoret gear again. Whee!

Great team! Great spirits! We were welcomed to our guest house by the directors and some of the teachers of the Jamii school - what a pleasant surprise. Can't wait to see the kids tomorrow!

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