Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last day at Jamii - sigh!

This is always one of the days in the trip that's such a mixed bag. The students put on a performance, and of course it was a big one this year because we were dedicating the new school building. SO fun!!! But it's also our last day with the students, teachers and staff, so it's hard to say good-bye.

Here's a few shots of the beautiful grounds at the Noble House where we've been staying. Sometimes I look around and think, "Hawaii!"

It seems that we're on a constant quest for more medications. Here Miriam, Dr. Bob and Pharmacist Lisa confer on what is needed.

As with any school production anywhere, families are invited to come to the ceremony. Here one young boy was interested in the hose. When I came up to him, he stared and stared and never lost that furrowed brow look. Possibly I'm the first "mzungu" (white person) he's ever seen...

From the left - Ron, the architect, Miriam, her sister Janet, Stephanie and yours truly. Plus young Jamii student.

Ron with his fans.

Au, our amazing photographer, finally getting a little photographic face time :-) Check out the Kizimani Community Facebook page if you want to see a ton of wonderful shots by Au.

Though we've found the weather pretty warm (no rain until today) we see many kids bundled up in big coats and hats. Different acclimation I think.

Janet (Miriam's sister) greets Esther. Though Janet and Miriam are the founders of Kizimani, Janet had never visited the Jamii School until today. She also comes to Kenya at least once a year but their strategy is, "divide and conquer" so they don't go to the same places at the same time.

Miriam, Esther and Janet.

Basilus and Esther.

I have a bunch of short videos of some of today's performances but for now I'll just share some photos. Maybe I'll be able to put together some video clips tomorrow, as it's a travel and pill-packing day. Not as many photos to look through, most likely.

Some of the staff women were invited to dance. I was also invited to dance at one point too but hopefully no video of that exists!

Esther told us all at the end of the ceremony that a celebration always involves something sweet because it's a joyful time. Yes, they had enough cake for almost 700 people!

Jackie, the person I'm just about blocking in this photo, was a teacher I've worked with for the past two years but we didn't get to work together this time since she had a baby just over a week ago. Fortunately we were able to go visit her. Also in the picture on the left is her oldest son, her daughter, her mother-in-law and a fellow teacher, in the yellow dress. The fabric and newspapers and posters are covering the wall made of wood and mud.

Teacher Maggie is creating a fractions chart.

At the end of the day. we had our own small ceremony where we gave out certificates to all the teachers who went through the training with Ann, Maggie and Kay.

Speaking of giving out, that's about it for me today.

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